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We are the #1 radio & satnav decoding company in the UK. We design and manufacture most of the radio/satnav decoding and cancheck removal solutions on the market today. If you have a set then we can probably help. Please call 07870-903552 and ask!

Radio Decoding Service!

Have you lost your radio code? Maybe your car battery went flat and you had no previous record of your radio unlock code? More than likely you just were not given one when you bought your car. Don't worry, for a small fee we can supply you with your radios unlock code by the way of our workshop decode service.

As our decode service is a workshop only service most of the decodes we carry out are for higher end units such as VW & Audi satnav systems, Porsche & Alfa PCM satnav systems (Be2580) and newer more complex units that other decoders simply have no idea how to decode. So, whatever your decoding requirements email or telephone on
07870903552 (7 days a week) for a competative quote that will make you smile!

Our radio decodes are priced as follows:

Older or basic radio decode - £10-00
Audi/VW Satnav decode - From £40-00
Porsche/Alfa PCM Satnav Decode - £120-00
Newer micro based radios - From £20-00
Codes from serial number - From £5-00 (including Delco CDR500 and Renault sets upto 2008)

For more information on this or any of services please contact us by either email or telephone on 07870903552 (7 days a week).

For more information or a quote please call us on 07870903552 (7 days a week).
or email:

For all your professional radio decoding equipment needs please visit

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